4 Profitable Internet Businesses You Should Choose From

First of all, Thank you for taking your time to visit my blog.

I want to talk about the 4 internet businesses I have found to be highly profitable, so if
you are thinking of which to start. You can always choose from any four of them.

But before we move on, I also would like to point out those ones that you will not profit
from, or better still, those that will just waste your time.

So, here goes… I would advice you to stay away from the below listed online business
because they are either scam or will waste your precious time.

  1. High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)
  2. Online Survey.
  3. Paid to click or paid to read.
  4. Referral sites (megastoon, profitclicking etc)
  5. Email processing jobs.
  6. Forex (Note that forex is not scam, but from experience you need to
    invest heavily to make money here, if at all)

Now if you plan on starting your online business with any of the business I listed above,
Don’t! Instead, choose from these profitable ones.

1. Blogging.


What is a blog?

A blog is essentially like a journal where people can post their thoughts and have them
read and commented on by anyone.

Millions of people from Nigeria and all over the world read blogs every day. Those who
have a blog are given a lot of exposure—there is the potential for them to have millions of
unique readers each day.

What are blogs used for?

Blogs can be used in diverse ways, some of which includes:

  • To discuss things related to your field of business. For instance, if your
    business provides web hosting services, you could discuss things related
    to web hosting, thus showing potential customers how much of a guru you
    are. The great thing about blogs in business is that they are easy to use and
    also very effective. Start a blog today and watch your business grow.
  • Blogging can be used by writers and journalists to gather information for
    story ideas. You can use blogs to get public’s opinion regarding unique
    information that you feel is important.
  • Blogs are used in job searches. You can use blogging to network with others
    who share the same profession as yourself. You can post your credentials on
    your blogging sites.
  • You can also use blogs to post news about happenings in Nigeria and abroad,
    as well as start rumors about potential happenings around you.

There are really a lot of possibilities to how you can use a blog, even more than those listed

People often say that blogging takes time to make money from, while that may be true, it
is always worth the effort in the end.

If you do blogging the right way, you may even begin to earn from it in 60 days.

Blogging is a very lucrative business that can fetch you cash if done correctly. The most
important thing in blogging is getting new visitors to your blog daily. We call this visitors

The more traffic you get, the more popular you become. Also, it is always better to host a
blog on your own site than having a free blog hosted on another site.

Reason is… Blogs that are hosted on your site (by using a Content Management  System
like WordPress) can help your site achieve a higher ranking in search engines. This is
because blogs are search engine friendly (Google is known to list them after only a few days,
whereas it takes regular web sites weeks to appear on a search engine).

You must also note that having a high search engine ranking is crucial to having a
successful blogging career.

How can you make money from your blog?

Four major ways you can make money with your blog includes:

  • Google Adsense adverts: Once you have traffic, you can register with
    google ad words. After a successful registration, Google will begin to send
    adverts to your blog and you will  be paid a certain amount on each person
    that clicks on that advert.
  • Ad Dynamo Adverts: Ad Dynamo is also another advertising company that
    works just like Google Adsense.
  • Direct adverts from companies: You can have big companies like Airtel,
    MTN, Glo and Etisalat run advert on your blog and be making millions every
    single month even without an additional effort.
  • Selling your products: Again as I mentioned earlier. Blogs can be used to
    promote your business and sell your products. A lot of people run their blog
    this way. But if you must blog to sell your own products, I suggest you keep
    your blog as simple as possible by not distracting your visitors with too much
    foreign advert i.e Adverts from other companies.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the most lucrative business on the Internet. You can
promote other people’s product and get commissions for your efforts without seeing a
single customer or talking to anyone.

Affiliate marketing is a serious business I recommend for the smart Nigerians who actually
wants to make money online fast.

I am sure you must have heard of Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction etc. They all
offer affiliate opportunities for anyone to promote a product on their platform and get paid
50% or more per any sale you make. For example, if you choose to market a product on
Clickbank that  costs $200, whenever someone buys the product from your affiliate link,
you will be paid a  commission of $75 -$80 per sale.

That means if you make only 4 sales in a day you will still be going home with $320 for that
days work.

And going by the current Naira to Dollar exchange rate of N230, you’ve just made N73,600
in just one day.

Now think of how much you are going to make in a month. Affiliate marketing is sure one of
the most profitable online business you can start with especially because you don’t need to
create a product of your own, and in most cases, you don’t need a website too.

NOTE: Clickbank do not accept Nigerians. But if you want to register with Clickbank, contact
me personally and I will show you how.

3. Facebook Autopilot.

Facebook money

What is Facebook Autopilot?

Facebook autopilot is all about promoting either advertisers links or unique referral links
on Facebook and get paid whenever someone either clicks the link or sign up through your
referral link on Facebook.

In Facebook autopilot business, You will be working with a particular website. This website
acts like an agency that connects advertisers and promoters. So advertisers go there and
post something they need to be promoted. They set how much they are willing to pay per
click and you the promoter (also called publisher) go there and pick up stuffs (links) you’re
willing to promote and start promoting on Facebook.

The advertiser needs you to drive as much traffic (also called visitors) to his website and as
for you, what you want is to get paid right? Yes, you will get paid when you drive quality
visitors to the advertiser’s site.

Different advertisers set different prices they are willing to pay per click. Some set it at
0.5 dollar per click, some set it at 0.7 dollar per click, some may even set it higher.

Let’s do a little calculation. If the advertiser set it at 0.5 dollar per click and you post the
links on Facebook and other places and at the end 100 people click on the link, You’ll see
that you’ve made a clean 50 dollars which is about N11,500.

I believe you catch my drift here. So, imagine if you have 1000 people click on the same link
in a day. That’s too much money.

So, on to the last one.

4. Information Marketing.


What is Information Marketing?

Information marketing simply means identifying a responsive market with high interest in
a particular group of topics and expertise, packaging information products and services in
form of eBook, e video, webinars, Podcasts, Seminars etc matching that interest (written
and/or assembled by you, by others, or by both), and devising ways to sell and deliver it.

Information Marketing has proven to be one of the best businesses anyone can venture
into online. In my opinion, its the best business you can do online guaranteed to make you
high sums of money on a daily basis.

Why?… Because the internet is filled with information seekers. Everyone going on the
internet is just another information seeker.

According to statistics, Nigeria has about 48.4 million daily internet users. Think about that
for a moment. What this means is that we have over 48 million hungry people searching the
internet everyday looking to find information on different things.

Imagine if you have just about 0.0001% of everyday internet visitors in Nigeria to sell a
N2,500 information product to. That’s a whopping N120,000 in just one day.

Have you ever wondered why internet marketers sell you information on how to make money
on the internet?

After-all, if they make so much money from the business themselves, why do they want to
reveal it to you and not make the money all by themselves right?

The reason is simple. If he makes N30,000 per day doing whatever business online, he’ll
make N120,000 daily selling the same information to people.

And from a rational economist perspective, it just makes sense to sell the information and
maximize profits.

So, if you have already started any other online business, you really should be planning to
start selling the information to other people. This is where the big bucks is.

How To Start An Information Marketing Business

Well, starting your own profit pulling information marketing business is not so hard,
contrary to the opinion of most people about it.

You can have your information product business running in 4 easy steps which are:

  1. Create a short report (Could be in form of ebook or video)
  2. Create your Squeeze page and Sales page.
  3. Get an Autoresponder account.
  4. Advertise.

Now we are going to take these steps one after the other.

1. Create A Short Report.

When creating a short report, two things should come to mind. Your niche and your
target audience.

A Niche simply means what market category you are focusing on. For example, Health,
Make Money, Relationship, Travel Abroad etc.

These are all different niches you can focus on.

You have to make sure to pick from a list of hot selling Niches.

One big mistake marketers often make is getting the right Niche and targeting the wrong
audience. You should not make this mistake.

Choose the right Niche, target the right audience and see your online income hit the roof.
Anyway I will be revealing more of this in my video course soon.

I know perhaps you are thinking you don’t know anything about anything and information
marketing is not for you. You are dead wrong! Because frankly speaking, most information
marketers in Nigeria and abroad do not know anything about anything as well, yet they are
making tons of money everyday.

Yes… You can outsource your information, or if you like you can pick from millions of PLR
and MRR that are available on the internet. Sell them and keep all the profits to yourself.

Its that sweet.

I’ll also be revealing that in my video course soon. So keep your eyes peeled.

2. Create A Squeeze Page And A Sales Page.

Have you ever been to website and you are asked to fill out your name and email address
to maybe download a report or have access to the website?

That’s a typical example of a squeeze page.

What it does is capture email addresses and register them with your autoresponder so that
you can send out messages to your subscribers.

A sales page simply means the page on your website where you talk about your offer. People
can come here to read about your product and then make purchases.

More on this later.

3. Get An Autoresponder.

An autoresponder simply means a system that helps you manage your email lists seamlessly
by automating your messages to your subscribers.

Instead of having to send out emails manually, you can automate the whole process and
have it send out emails for you at a desired interval. Completely automated.

You can sign up with Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp etc to get your autoresponder account
running in no time. For free autoresponder account, go to www.listwire.com

4. Advertise.

Advertise your offer. Remember when you advertise, you are throwing your offer out there
to over 48 million Nigerians.

This is where you are going to experience what I call “Profit Orgasm

People start paying you even in your sleep to buy your offer which implies more freedom
and more financial capacity to afford some of the finer things in life.

Okay… That pretty much sums it up for us today. I hope to see you climbing that ladder
of success, take the bold step and make some money for yourself.

I’m Committed to Your Success.


P.S If you like this, I’d love to hear your response. Also, join us on Facebook by hitting
the “like page” at the sidebar. Thank You.


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  1. can i secure a one on one training with you?
    can you also help me to grow my business?

    1. Hi Olatunji.

      Of course I can. The first thing that you need is the passion, which I see you already have.
      The next thing will now be to be willing to take the risk. Financial and Emotional risk.
      Emails can only say so much, reach me on my direct cell number and let’s discuss.



  2. Thank you for this. I need your assistance in the area of configuring my autoresponder
    to deliver properly and to be effective. How can you help me and for how much.

    I am in Sagamu, Ogun state


    1. Hi Peter.

      Configuring your autoresponder is one of the easiest thing to do. You just need a proper walk through.
      And as regards how much… I suggest you be on the lookout for my emails and stay positive.



  3. When it is so exiting when reading but factual are all, as in when the real thing will get started, then there will be a demand from your end isn’t it. Anyway i love this and i want to be part of it, if God permit.
    Love U.

    1. Hi Gbenga,

      Here is a thing about success I’ve learnt, it always comes with demand.
      Every successful person I know gave something to get something.
      If you dwell in that mentality of not giving anything, then success may even be farther from you than you think.
      So please as a personal advice, be willing to give what it takes to achieve success.



  4. Honestly, Chomezie I am really grateful and short of words to appreciate your high level of humane passion. God bless you beyond the boundaries of your dreams and aspirations! I have been receiving your emails and they have been really educative, informative and practically-oriented. I love you for the ideas/info so far shared and benefited from. But I have a few questions for you: 1) you advised against going into online forex trading that though it isnt a scam but one would need to invest so much/heavily before he can start seeing returns/profits. My question is : I recently bought an ebook on mini-importation business from China and other Asia countries. According to the ebook one can start with as little as #10,000 and above. Because the items (depending on which item you are importing) are sold at cheaper rates over there but once they are imported over to Nigeria they could be re-sold at very high price looking at the rate of converting dollar to naira. So do you mean that such info is wrong? (2) I am willing to start the Facebook Autopilot. How and where do I start from? How and where do I source the links from? Expecting to read your reply to my two questions above, I remain Your benefited Reader………….SPKOGHN

    1. Hi SparkleOghene,

      I must first of all thank you for many prayers. I have an obligation to inform people about online business endeavour, and I’m certainly having the best time of my life doing that. Now, from my experience from the “Bullish” and “Bearish” days, I can tell you point blank that Forex trading is not meant for everyone. As a matter of fact, you do not just need considerably huge amount of money to start, you also need a very sound knowledge of international trade and forces of demand and supply to thrive. Otherwise, you are just going to get your fingers badly burnt. So I drew my conclusion based on these obvious facts. If you must venture, then tread cautiously.
      Also, I didn’t mention Importation here because I did not regard it as a full online activity, I mean, it involves some form of offline activity. You are buying physical goods and you are also going to send them to buyers at a physical location. Which I do not think qualifies it to be a full online business, although still very profitable but requires some selling skills of some sort. Otherwise you can partner with e-commerce giants to gets your goods sold off easily. In a nutshell, its by all means a profitable venture.
      As regards Facebook Autopilot, keep your eyes peeled for my email tomorrow. There you will find the guide.

      Do have a wonderful independence day,


  5. On Facebook autopilot,to register with the third party,is it free or i will have to pay before i register?

    1. Hi Femi,
      You are not required to pay anything. Registration is completely for FREE!

  6. Am a working woman with children to care for and my husband is on the other side , i love d business bt can i cope

    1. Hi,
      You have to make out time for it. I believe you can cope with anything if you are determined enough.

  7. Mr. Chimeze, in fact words are really inadequate to express myself concerning your indept knowledge of your trade and the well explicit info you shared on this blog. May God continue to enrich your knowledge. Amen. To get something one must use something! I am begging you to please keep the price of the expecting training video or manuals within our reach. It is not all that read your blog info that will eventually subscribe or buy. Thank you. I am keeping vigil over your next post.

    1. Hi Badejo,

      Thank you for taking time to leave such a wonderful comment. May God bless you too. Concerning the training videos, I’m going to make it very affordable so as everyone who is serious can afford it easily without sweating it out.


  8. How much will it cost to venture into all this 4 business packages of yours?

  9. How can I do all this business packages ,and what or how much will it require to start because all willing to start now.

    1. Hi Akinbi,

      Online business endeavour requires mastering. You have to go one at a time to achieve results and also not to complicate issues for yourself. So, I advise that you make a pick, then you get back to me on it.


  10. I have a blog already. It’s about writing, stories and stuffs that have connections with creativity. But the traffic seems not to be growing as should. Please any advice on how to better this? Thanks.

  11. Thanks a lot for all the information. I am interested. I think to begin at all I need a blog or website. How much do I need for a website?

  12. Tanks for answering most of d question i wish to ask but i still av few question to ask.(1) is 500 dollar d minimum amount someone can withdraw .(2)is it possible on my Facebook acc for me to b having 200 people clicking on whatever i posted on Facebook cos am not constant n active on Facebook

    1. Hi Femi,

      Yes $500 is the minimum amount you can withdraw by bank wire. However, if you want to be able to withdraw below that amount, then you need to have a verified PayPal account eligible to receive payments here in Nigeria. Secondly, you can have more than 200 people click on what you post on Facebook daily and you don’t have to do the posting all the time by yourself, just get the tool I talked about and schedule auto-posting.


  13. I fall 4 ur loyal,faithful n comprehensive write up! I will like to do facebook autopilot but i need a good knowledge of how to start and the start up Capital then football bet.pls hint me in detail my online prof.regards

    1. Hi Ishaya,

      Thanks for heartwarming comment! I’m sure you receive my newsletters, and by now you know I have a comprehensive guide that shows you everything that you need to know to get started. You can get the eBook and begin tonight. Also, it doesn’t cost you anything to begin the Facebook Business. Zero startup will normally do.


  14. Chi thanks for all d info.but i really want to know how much it will cost to do all these. God Bless

    1. Hi Adegoke,

      These are different internet business models and you shouldn’t think of starting out with all at the same time. Besides the fact that it is tedious to accomplish, you may not be able to achieve much. My advise is, pick one you are interested in first and over time you can add others one at a time.

      Best Regards,

  15. thanks chimezia for ur wonderful piece of information i got,may God almighty bless u richly in Jesus name,amen.

  16. Thank you Chimezie for the incisive and accurate rendition. I have Recieved a few mails from you. I am willing to start off with either affiliate marketing or Facebook autopilot. How do I proceed. Thank you.

  17. may continue to bless you with eye opening inspirational messages that will continue to liberate people from financial burden. I really fall for this topics, but confused with choice. but I will prefer to start with Facebook autopilot. my question is how and process to start. waiting for your response. thank you

    1. Hi Tope,

      Sorry it took a while to respond to your comment. The above discussed are all profitable online ventures that guarantees huge return if done the right way. I sent you another email yesterday regarding the Facebook Autopilot. Please check that email and you will get your answers there.


  18. Thanks so much for this wonderful infos. I’m interested in affiliate marketing. How can I get started?

  19. Thanks so much mr Chimezie, for your encouragement & detail explanation to me about internet business.really Iam interested in the Facebook Autopilot business.but I have a non android phone (Asha 210),can it be used for this business effectively?

  20. Thanks, But What Type Phone Can I Use To Set All This, Bcos The Phone I’m Using Is Itel& Is Working, Pls Sir I Need Ur Help On Hw To Create Website&also Hw Set Up Face Autopilot My No; 08060500167.

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