8 Ways To Improve Your Business Blog.


Most blogs are unique in their own way. It’s what makes people want to visit each one, and
time and time again we find ourselves returning just to check out any new and interesting

But even though how different these blogs maybe, I also have observed that they all seem
to possess some common traits.

Then I ask myself. Is it a coincidence? Or is there something that they know?

Either way, let us explore these common traits that great business blogs do seem to possess.


1. A Call-To-Action PER Post

Having a call-to action (CTA) is a necessity for your business. But there is a fine line on
“placing” a call to action in your blog posts and “plastering” it all over the page.

Great business blogs in Nigeria and abroad seem to have mastered the art of call-to-action
placement in a such way it catches my attention but not in an intrusive nor obtrusive way.

By placing your business’ call to action in each and every of your blog posts, you are
indirectly transformation them into powerful lead generation pages.

You may need to work on the design, testing and tweaking of your CTA’s on these pages until
you achieve the desired results.

2. Read More…

A blog post can either be lengthy or brief. But sometimes when you count in factors such as
paragraphs, font size, images and the sort, even a short post may need to induce some mouse
scrolling to view it from start to finish.

That’s why it’s great to only display a “preview” or “excerpt” of your blog post when visitors
visit your main page. That way, they have the freedom to choose the topics which they are
most interested to find out more about.

3. Social Media Sharing

Too much of anything can be bad. Even if it’s a good thing.

It’s great to have social sharing buttons accompanying your blog posts, but when you
have too many on display at once, the distraction can actually overwhelm and deter your
readers from sharing your blog post no matter how awesome your post was.

Cut down your social sharing buttons to the major ones, or at least the ones that are
actually sending traffic to your site and leave all the others out. Your blog posts will also
have a cleaner look that way.

4. Sort And Search

Do you love your posts? Think they are great content? Then make it even easier for people
to find them.

This is one area where the importance of tagging really comes into play. Tagging can help
your visitors sort for any related blog posts that are related to the tag or they are looking for.

Also consider adding a little search function on your blog will also makes it easier (and not
to mention faster) way to look for archived or past blog posts.

5. Visual

Nobody likes to be greeted with just a big block wall of text when they visit a blog. Personally,
I get tired of reading big blocks of texts without some image breaks or even paragraphs.

Human beings are visual. So try to spice up your pages with some pictures. (Notice how all
of your favorite blogs or website have pretty pictures on them? That’s not a coincidence)

How you employ the use of images is also equally important though. Use it to highlight a
point or really bring something to attention from your post that you deem to be important
for your readers. Use images with a sense of purpose.

6. Headline Formatting

Headline is another important one.

Your headline is the first and foremost thing people will see when it comes to your blog
posts. To help convince them that the post is actually worth their time reading it, how you
actually present your headline for your readers eyes is just as important as coming up with
a catchy one.

Make sure it stands out from the rest of the post body by using proper formatting. Such
as adjusting its font size, style, and even color. Make it stand out in the page, but not to
the extent that it overwhelms it.

7. Make It Fast

Many people are impatient. You already know this. Now for the bad news.

Your online visitors are an EVEN MORE impatient people.

Therefore if you have a slow loading page on your hands you better do something about
it and quick.

If people find that your blog loads too long, they will easily leave and head on to the next
site and you may have very well lost a potential customer.

There are different ways to help measure and optimize your site loading times including
free tools, tips and software which are freely available over the World Wide Web.

I normally use gtmetrix.com for my own page load analysis and optimization.

8. Clean-Looking Sidebars.

Like many other sites, people tend to stuff every “cool” widget they can find into their side
bar. At the end their sidebars look like a heap of cluttered mess which spoils the entire image
of the blog.

What’s the best practice?

Its time to clean up your sidebar a little. If you have a sidebar, take a look at each and
everything you have in the sidebar, and ask yourself…

Does it serve a real purpose or function? Is it even practical for your business? If it’s a no,
then it’s time to remove it.

Any web page can benefit from a little clean up exercise from time to time.

Happy Blogging.


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