Information Marketing 101: Creating Your Website and Marketing

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This is the part 2 of information marketing 101. Having covered different ways to create an
information product seamlessly even without any idea, we shall go on to discuss how you
can create a website and market your short report to generate massive income.

In case you have not read the first part, click here to read it to allow for easier comprehension
of this part.

So accordingly we shall move to step number 2 having covered the first step earlier.


Step #2: Creating A Squeeze Page and Sales Page


Have you ever been to a webpage and you are asked to fill in your name and email address
to download a report or to get access to another webpage? That is a typical example of a
squeeze page. What it does is to capture the email of your visitors so you can send them offers
at intervals.

This leads to what is known as email marketing which is the most effective way to market
anything these days. Email marketing is an effective way to deliver the information you want
to get to consumers in the method they enjoy using. Most everyone has email these days and
it is common to log on and check for messages several times each day. It also allows you the
opportunity to reach people around the globe.

So it is imperative to have a squeeze page to collect people’s email addresses.


A sales page simply means that page on your website where you now go ahead and tell
people about your offer and the benefits as well. You need a sales letter to move your short
report. They usually have a powerful headline and they are very persuasive. You must write
them to convince people to buy what you are offering.

So what are those things that make a good sales letter or page?

  1. Headline
  2. Opening Hook
  3. Tell a Story
  4. Product Intro
  5. Benefits
  6. Price and Bargain Appeal
  7. Bonuses
  8. Money Back Guarantee
  9. Post Scripts.

Now let’s take them one after the other.

  • The headline is used to capture the reader’s attention. It serves as an advert
    to your offer so you need to spend a lot of time writing it. If your headline fails,
    the rest of your sales letter will fail. A few hint: words like Discover, Finally
    Exposed, Uncover the Secrets etc.. in your headline are powerful words that
    will make people check out your offer.
  • The opening hook is the first sentence/paragraph that will make the reader
    want to read more. You can say something like “If you have ever desired to…
    Then this could be the most important letter you’ve ever read.”
  • Tell a story that will motivate people to buy your report. Research has shown
    that people tend to respond to offers more when a story is told. For instance
    you can tell a story about how much you have struggled before you discovered
    the solution to something, or you can even tell a story about someone who have
    used your product and have seen good results.
  • Introduce your product to let them know you are offering them something.
  • Then you have to list the benefits of your products one after the other. Make it
    look like a series of mini headlines. Write a minimum of ten.
  • Do not just tell people the price of your products. You need to explain why the
    product should be expensive before you now give them the real price.
  • Give bonuses. Give as many bonuses as possible. It will boost the value of your
    product in the eyes of the buyer. It can be something like “order in the next 12
    hours and you’ll also get a free eBook”.
  • Offer a money back guarantee. Put the entire risk on your shoulders. If not
    satisfied within 30 days, you will refund their money. Customers feel easier
    about spending money because they know they can still get it back if not happy
    with the results. It’s a way of telling them to use it for 30 days before they make
    up their minds.
  • Then write a PS at the end stating clearly why they must order right away.
    Something like this “When you buy today, you will receive instant access to a
    free report that will show how to lose 30 kg in one week without starving”.
    Off course that was just an example, yours can be anything.

Those are the key elements a good sales page should have. Although yours can be a bit
different depending on what you are able to include in your offer.

Now the tool you are going to make use of in order to create your squeeze page and sales
page is Microsoft FrontPage. If you don’t already have it on your PC, go to any software
shop and buy MS word 2003 or MS Word 2005. Its just 100 naira.

Install it on your PC and then launch FrontPage to start creating your pages immediately.
If you need more help, click here to download a guide that will teach you how to use
FrontPage in sixty minutes or less.

Are you following? Good!

Okay, now if you are the lazy type like me and don’t want to go through the stress of making
a page from scratch, I have made it much easier for you to create your pages in a shorter time.
For your sales page, go to

Now right click on that page and click on “save as” when the drop down menu appears to
save that page to your PC.

Next, open the page you just saved with your Microsoft FrontPage and start editing as you
deem fit. You can also follow the same steps for your squeeze page. Click on to download the sample squeeze page I
uploaded and then follow the same steps as the sales page.

Alright, now that you have a squeeze page and a sales page. The next thing is to upload them
to the internet so people can find it.

Step #3: Getting An Autoresponder

This is absolutely necessary for you because it will help you to manage the email of your
subscribers seamlessly. You can preload your autoresponder with emails to send out to your
subscribers at intervals.

For example, if someone just signed up today, you want to instruct the autoresponder to send
out a thank you email to such person on the first day. Now maybe at 2 days interval which is the
third day, you want to send out another email, you can just command your autoresponder to do

So when you are not even there, your autoresponder sends out email based on your command
automatically. It doesn’t matter how many… because it can send out several hundreds of thous-
ands of email at once so you don’t have to worry about sending them one by one.

You can get a free autoresponder account at There are also paid ones, you can sign
up for the paid ones at,, or

Once you have successfully signed up, then you can now connect your autoresponder to you
squeeze page and start collecting peoples email immediately.

When you have completed these 3 steps, the last step will now be to drive traffic to your offer.
This is the most interesting part because this is the point where you will start receiving payments
in your account on a daily basis.

So let’s move on to the final step.

Step #4: Advertising

Advertising your offer is the only way people will see what you are offering. So you must
advertise before you can expect to start making money.

You can place your advert online with sites like or even
online newspapers like,, etc..

Also, Facebook is a very good place to place your ad.

Here are some powerful advert headlines:

 “Forex Secrets Exposed!” (Every forex loving person will take out his time to read this)

“24 Years Old Farmer Finally Reveals”

“Canada Immigration Secrets Revealed”

“Ejaculation Control System Revealed”

Well you get the drift.

Make sure you use this same headline for your sales letter as well.

You need to create a very compelling sales letter that turn glances into stares and turn readers
to your subscribers and lastly your customers.

Okay let’s say you place an advert for a report you are selling for N5,000 on Facebook, and
you get results like the ones below after maybe 10 days.

Total clicks from your Facebook advert – 5,000 clicks at 0.07 per click ($350 or N70,000)

Total number of signups on your squeeze page – 2,200 subscribers

Total sales after 10 days – 112 sales

That is 112 sales x N5000 = N560,000

If you subtract N70,000 spent on advert from N560,000, that will be a net profit of N490,000.

So you’ve just made 490k in 10 days. That is how profitable this business is. Although your
results might vary depending on how compelling your offer is but the final results is always
equal to money.

                    Final Results = Money

NOTE: If your advert budget is not as high as our illustration above, you can always cut
the advert to your budget. Facebook always make provision for this.

So that brings us to the end of this guide. I hope that you use these steps and start making
money for yourself too right from your bedroom in your boxer shorts.. Plenty of it!… LOL.


Don’t wait for anyone to take you by the hand and show you everything before you start.
This is the biggest mistake most people often make. You can start right away with the
information available here and overtime you are going to get better with it.

Nobody knew everything about their business before starting. Its impossible!. You will
learn more as you proceed. I Repeat. START NOW!

If you need further help, you can always reach me with my contact details right at the bottom
of this website.

Also, do take time to leave a comment below so I’ll know what you think. You know they
mean a lot.




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