1. Tired of being broke? If I show you the secret technique I use to generate constant mouth-watering profits online...Would you buy me a bottle of wine

"Are You Ready to Permanently END The Pain and Frustration of Being Broke As Hell! - And Finally Control Your Own Future TODAY?"

Discover The Untold Earth-Shattering Revelation Of How I Turned My Lazy Email To A Cash Spinning machine That Constantly Generates Money For Me Faster Than A Tornado Picks Up Dust!



Dear Reader;


        2. A brief Introduction of yourself.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.


        3. Opening Hook


Say something to capture peoples mind so that they will keep reading your sales page. It could be a story about how you discovered a solution to a problem you are offering the solution here. YOU CAN READ MINE BELOW JUST TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA



Right here and now you are going to make an amazing discovery on this page. I'm about to reveal to you an exclusive, effective, never seen before, tested and proven method to constantly flood your dead bank account with endless cash deposits.

But Wait!

If for some reason you are not interested in making legitimate and constant income from the internet, Please kindly leave this page and never come back. THANK YOU!

But if this is what you have been looking for, I congratulate you. Look... It doesn't matter how much you have tried without success in the past. All that matters is that you have found the right thing at last!


Oh.. I almost forgot to introduce Myself.


My name is Chimezie Ezeudoye. I am the CEO of  Surefire E-Business Resources, an e-business consultant, a professional copy writer and a freelancer. I enjoy what I do. Empowering Nigerians by disseminating useful internet money making resources.

My Friend! You are Welcome to the Millionaires club. Yeah, you read that right. Being a millionaire is not so difficult and only if you carefully read this, you will be able to confirm for yourself. So it won't look like I'm just making noise.


But How Did I Get Here You May Ask.

I will tell you. Ten years ago, in 2005 precisely. I discovered my passion for the internet and I devoted a lot of time doing business online. Over the years , I have been into so many online stuffs that didn't give me a dime like Online survey programs, referrals, high yield investment programs, options, forex trading just to mention a few. They all didn't work for me. Instead I ended up in bad debt.

I'm not saying you won't make money from some of these online businesses I mentioned. Some of them will make you little money while some of them will just waste your time and resources. Period! None will make you rich. Trust me. I've been where you are right now. I almost gave up my dreams too because I was frustrated.

But today, I am now a bright young man with loads of cash constantly flooding my Bank account every single day. And until perhaps the internet no longer exist I will continue to make money so easily ( Not Bragging)

You see... after my days in the University, I got a job as an accountant. Like every other white collar jobs, mine was no different. Like you would expect. I always had to leave the house as early as 8am and got back home sometimes as late as 10pm.

I was struggling so much. I had no time for my own life. And the worst part was that at the end of the month, transportation in lagos alone takes more than half of my salary.

It was crazy! Believe me. I was working my ass off to make another man rich. Yet, I was grossly underpaid.

But All That Was Soon To Become a Story.

One day after I finally started this profitable online business I'm about to reveal to you. I walked into my oga's office and told him I could not continue with the job anymore.

I resigned because I made double of my salary in just one week with my online business. Its AMAZING!!

Its just like you put a coin into a jackpot machine. Press the play button. The machine starts rolling and in just few seconds...Voila! the money starts pouring out, your mind starts racing and guess what! You just won a jackpot.

Yes! its that sweet.

My life changed dramatically because I was broke and I was left with no other option than to keep searching for a profitable online venture since I wanted to change my financial status and be my own boss at all cost. I continued struggling Until I Came Across something shocking! Something Massive.. Something That I Called The Game changer. Known to a very few people.

This encounter changed My life for Good And I will never forget it..

I became a completely different person overnight.

I even bought my very first car. A beautiful Toyota Camry Solara, 2005 Model just 3 months after.

And The good News about this business is that you do not need any degrees! No Business Premises, No Huge Capital required.

So Recently…I Began to Teach Other People Who Care to Listen (like you)

  • How they can take complete control of their life and be their own boss…

  • How they can create "passive" income for themselves. Income that comes when they are working, sleeping or even on vacation.

  • How they can set up the business completely on autopilot and just use about 30 mins each day to see that it's running properly.

  • How they can plan their life now so they won't have to struggle at old age. And most of all...


The Truth is that if you don't be in business for yourself, you will never get rich my friend, If You Are so weak and Lazy to free yourself from modern day slavery (8am - 5pm jobs). If you are always giving lame excuses, you will never be rich.

Think about it...How often have you heard yourself saying things like "I've not started, I've been meaning to"... "This is not the right place for that kind of business"... "They are doing so well because they were born with silver spoon"?

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses...

I Beg you, You must look for a way to stop that procrastination. Otherwise you will wake up one day and it will suddenly dawn on you that you have missed so many opportunities that would have made your life better.

The No 1 reason why you have to free yourself from that 8am to 5pm job. Or let me say 8am to 7pm these days is that nobody cares about you. They just want to use your skill and drop you later on. Period!

Nobody cares about you more than you care about yourself.

I believe we all deserve to live a more abundant life, not having enough money could tear you apart. The level of poverty, fraud and joblessness is on the increase in Nigeria.


Do you know that about 70 % Nigerians live below I dollar a day?
Do you know that over 62% of 170 million Nigerians Live in extreme poverty?

Do you know that only 42% of graduates are gainfully employed?

Do you know that 60% of marriage breakups are related to financial problems?

In Fact, Studies have shown that poverty contributes to about 75% of  social menace and upheaval.

Studies Have Equally Shown that more than 80% of retired workers above the age of 67 are hopelessly broke.




 4.Introduce your offer...





The "Email Cash Generator"






     5. List out the benefits just like below...




So When you order for your very own copy of  Of The Almighty Email Cash Generator, You Will Learn.

How to create hot, high-profit report out of thin air literally overnight and sell them for so much that it will make you feel guilty even if you know absolutely nothing about anything. Just like when I started.

The Never Known secret of how to simply cash in with other people's report and keep all the profits legitimately without lifting a finger (The gurus too are into this)

How to select a very hot niche for your report that is guaranteed to make you rich almost overnight. This secret alone generated millions for us last year.

How to create your own sales page. I mean adrenalin pumping sales letter that is sure to captivate your readers and push the right mental buttons that suck money from your prospects wallets. For the first time, you'll experience what it feels like to have people begging you to take their money.  

The secret of how to build an opt in email list of clients that you can promote to forever. Once you have it, you will never go broke again.

How to get your auto responder to send follow up marketing emails to your prospects to buy from you without doing it manually. Completely Automated.

How to Integrate Online Payment System that will allow people to pay you online with their ATM card without going to the bank. This alone has quadrupled my sales.

You will get my super marketing techniques. This is what my colleagues out there are begging for, but I will hand it over to you. This is the marketing technique that I know that most gurus do not know. This secret net N208,488 in 48 hours. 

How you can use the power of the leading social network site FACEBOOK to sky rocket you sales.

You will learn the best, proven to work email sequence that works every time. Each time you send out email. You will make cool cash without sweating.   

The only fail proof trick that can make you at least 300k in 30 days if you are serious about making money online.  

I will take you by the hand and show how to drive massive traffic to your offer. Up to 10,000 to 15,000 visitors to your offer page within 7 days. Now think of how much you will make when you have 15,000 visitors in a week. 

And much, much more...




6.Your Price and bargaining...



I am not going to claim that this offer is going to close any time soon like most others will tell you. The truth is that, if you come back here by this time next year. You are most likely going to see this page again.

Yes... I plan on empowering as many Nigerians as possible so they can make their own money without having to depend on somebody else.

That's why I'm giving everyone FULL access to my "Done For You To See How" Comprehensive, Killer video tutorial for just a token of...


N15,000 ONLY



Well... Its because I'm revealing earth-shattering secrets to you. In short, ECG spills the bean on all the underground Ninja Technique I use to generate mouth-watering profits on the internet every single day. So its like I'm now giving you the license to print money. Believe me! After you learn from me, you will never have any reason to be broke again.

And you are getting more than the value of your money here. Besides, I know how much some of these so called gurus charge to give you something that will never make you money. Or at best, make you few thousands. Some of them charge as much as 30,000 naira to give you a half-done crippled business.

So if you think about it, 15k is nothing compared to all that is buried inside the Email Cash Generator.

But, Here's The Best Part

I don't want price to stand in your way of starting a profitable online business immediately, so if you order right now, or anytime between the next 72 hours. I will cut you investment on the ECG from 15k all the way down to the very low price of just...go completely out of my own way and slash the price into half for you. So instead of paying 15k, you pay just...



So The Bottom Line Is...


Get ECG Today - Save 100%


But You Must Act Very Fast - Only 50 copies available At The Price

That's right. Only 50 copies available at this price. So you must Hurry! 50 people on a "first come, first serve basis". Which means I'm going to close the 7,500 discount price once the 50th person have gotten it.

Plain And Simple !

And the 51st person to request this package can go ahead and pay the normal price of 15,000 flat! I'm sorry, but I have to keep it that way.


If You Order Today  Wednesday, March 04, 2015.!. ,  Am Going To Give You a full Instant Access to the below Listed Bonus Packages!






7. Give bonuses if you have any




Here Are The Bonus Packages!

Bonus #1:



Bonus #2:



Bonus #3:




Bonus #4: The Secrets To...






            8. Offer Money Back guarantee



It Gets Better Still - Your Success Is Completely Guaranteed!


Exclusive Risk Free Iron Clad 200% Money Back Guarantee


Now, I'm going to do something  very different here.

The typical "30-day money-back guarantee" doesn't really mean much. Its every where.

Most people won't use it even when they aren't happy with  the product or service they bought.

Its the guarantee people offer when their product aren't good.

That's why I'm giving you a 200% guarantee (with no time limit )  

This means that, if at any point you feel unsatisfied. Just shoot an email with your bank details to  refund@surefirenetbiz.com and you will get your money back. And if you send your bank details alongside your sales copy, you get 2 times your money back.

Yes! That is how confident I am that this will work for you.





9. Give Instructions on how they can buy



Here's How To Get The Email Cash generator Before It's Late!

Remember, the discount will no more  be after the first 50 early birds grabs it.

So, if you are procrastinating, Just know I will not repeat this offer. But that is not to say you cannot get it, just that you will have to pay the normal price of 15,000

So follow the instructions below and you can start using my secret today.


How to order; Option 1

To order for the package, pay =N=7,500 into any of the bank accounts below:

(NOTE - You can also do an online transfer if that is okay with you... you won't need to send a teller number)


Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Account Name - Ezeudoye, Chimezie Samuel.
Account Number - 0049462787


Mainstreet Bank
Account Name - Ezeudoye, Chimezie Samuel.
Account Number - 4015047170

Immediately after payment send an email payment notice to payment@surefirenetbiz.com with the SUBJECT of your email as; "PAID FOR DISCOUNT ECG"


The BODY of the email should contain the following:

Your Full Names, Phone Number, Email address, Amount Paid, Bank Paid to, Teller number and Date of Payment.

As soon as your payment is confirmed, this course and the 4 bonuses I mentioned will be sent into your email box within 1 hour or less so that you can download it and get started right away.

Kindly follow the above instructions to avoid delay in delivery of your order.


How to order; Option 2

Secure Interswitch ATM Payment

Order with your ATM Card and be instantly redirected to the download area.

(Note that upon successful payment, you have to click on "proceed to merchant website" in order to download instantly)

To Order Now Click Below





10. Conclude



Now You Have A Decision To Make

That's right! Its totally up to no one else but you. Everything that you need to start making real, legitimate and constant income online is now at your doorstep. So the choice is all yours now. You can choose to go for this once in a lifetime offer in which case, you will almost crack your ribs laughing at money worries. Or you can choose to simply ignore.

But let me tell you what happens when you ignore.

NOTHING!!!... Yes! Nothing. Your life stays the same. Same 8 to 7 jobs. Same money worries. Same rat race. Everything remains the same.

But I'm sure you are smarter than that and you are going to make the right choice.

Place your order now and I'll see you inside.


To your success,

Chimezie Ezeudoye

CEO Surefire E-Business Resources



11. Post Scripts



P.S. One more thing I forgot to mention. This course includes the best, most unique learning tool there is - A REAL PERSON. You get your own professional course counselor to call with any question you may have. As often as you need. Anytime. Eight hours a day. Five days a week.

P.P.S. Remember if following the step-by-step recommendations in this course does not pump money constantly into your bank account, I'll give you your money back. Double.

So, either you make money or you get your money back plus I pay you from my pocket the same amount you paid for the ECG.

Just send email containing your sales copy and account details to refund@surefirenetbiz.com and I will transfer to your account within 6 hours N15,000 if you paid discount price of N7,500 and  N11,000 if you paid further discount price of N5,500 and  N30,000 if you paid N15,000. No questions asked.

Seeing that you are fully covered, just go ahead and place your order right away and you can thank me later. Because I know that when you follow my lead, you will see results that will force you to send me your testimony.

Thank You.

Please send your comments, testimonials, success stories and questions to me personally at: info@surefirenetbiz.com or text or call  08099391994

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