Tips To Succeed In Your Online Business

Online business over the years have proven to be one of the most profitable businesses
anyone can venture in. It doesn’t take experience to start your online business. It is also
inexpensive compared to other traditional businesses and its profit margin is very high,
giving the fact that you only invest a little money and and a bit more of your time to run
it successfully and make your desired cash.

Smart internet marketers around the world who knows this fact, have leveraged on the
power of the internet to make a huge fortune for themselves.

The internet shpere is also known with a high degree of freedom unlike other businesses as
there are often no strict regulations as to how internet business should be conducted in
various countries, thereby giving internet entrepreneurs the freedom to dictate most of
what happens in the internet world.

But as profitable as it can be, it can also be very difficult to build a home based internet
business especially if you are not serious about it and you want to become rich overnight.

There are many hurdles that can only be faced by the serious entrepreneurs. You need to
know that there is no short cut in there and you need the patience and smart thinking to
generate income. It will take a while, but you will certainly succeed in it.

As an aspiring internet entrepreneur, there are some attitudes that will help you reach your
goal quickly. Some of which are: determination, patience, smart thinking, hard work and
consistency. When you have the right ingredients you will eventually own a successful
online business.

There are also few pitfalls that you need to watch for. If you have the above mentioned
qualities that are needed for a successful business, you will then only need to avoid these
pitfalls and the  success will be there waiting for you. These pitfalls are as follows:

1. Following Other People’s Passion.

Often times, we are attracted by the things others do and also wanting to do the same thing
as them. This is very wrong. Do not make the mistake of doing something simply because
others are doing it.

Look at it this way. If Mr A sells information on how to burn excess fat or “5 important
fruits to improve your immune system” because he is a health instructor and he is passionate
about it. To him, he is making money from doing what he loves to do.

But if Mr B sees that Mr A is making a lot of money selling this information to people and
he goes into it for this reason. Since it is not his passion, it will feel like another big job
and he can’t do very well at it.

Sooner than later, he gets frustrated and maybe quit.

So, the best business for you is one you love and to which you are prepared to make a major

In other words, first identify what it is you have flair for ( your favourite niche) before you
decide to start.

2. Do Not Wait Until You Are Ready Before You Start.

One important lesson I have learned from my own experience as a full time internet
marketer is never to wait till you are ready before you start anything.

I knew that I wanted to start an internet business but like most other people, I was infected
with a chronic procrastination. But at a point, out of a big frustration, I decided to dive right
into it.

At the time, I though I was not ready, but after I started. I discovered I became ready.

So my point here is, try to start anything before you are ready because that way, you will be
ready to start.

3. Don’t Assume You Have To Know Everything.

Again. This another big pitfall for intending internet business owners. Trying to know
everything before taking action will only make you to keep holding off your plans till

I have never seen anyone who learnt everything they know in their business before starting.

I started my online business not even knowing what a domain name means. But today, I
have learnt so many things. I even design my own websites by myself with no initial
coding skill.

All you need is an opportunity and you should grab it. There are plenty of opportunities so
all you need is action. Take action, start your business immediately and you will learn with
time. Remember that time and experiences are the best teachers. If you can find someone
on the way to help you or guide you, there is no harm in listening to him though.

4. Be A Risk Taker.

Never be afraid to take risk. There is a very popular saying “You never know until you try”

Those who are afraid of risks never succeed. You should not fear the failure and should be
prepared to meet it bravely. Learn from your mistakes and be critical of yourself. This will
help you to learn a lot and you will learn quickly.

5. Never Quit.

Take it to the end. Never give in. when you start a project, then finish it. Being afraid and
giving it up is not what you want. Finishing a project will help you a lot in future even if
the project is a failure, you will still learn from your experience.

There may be situations when you will lose faith in your own dreams and you will start
thinking about other ventures, but do not quit the on going project. Take it to its ration end.

Okay… That’s pretty much it. I love to read from you. Leave a comment below and let me
know how you intend following and executing your passion.

Oh, and if you know anyone who will learn a thing or two from this article, do me and them
a favour by referring them here.

Yours Truly


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8 thoughts on “Tips To Succeed In Your Online Business

  1. Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is excellent,
    as well as the content!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the compliment. I’m head swollen already.
      Blogging has been part of my passion and I put in a lot of time, energy and investment to make it look the way it is.

  2. You re God sent,i ve been seeking for a profitable & scam free internet business since dec.2012 that i got on the internet as a novice,bought my laptop in 2013 as a computer illiterate but ve been learning by myself ever since,i only surf the web for information on anything even including porn material & free software,as a Dj i use it for performance offline but i’m dire in need of it for an online business & that includes my phone,although,i had dabbled into many online refferallink,survey etc that i drove traffic for to make in some cases close to $1000 but never got paid a dime,my friends in facebook where i got most of the traffic from started complaining to me on the same issue,to regain their confidence i had to tell them the truth & henceforth they decided that whatever subsequent online business i ‘ll ve to involve them i should ve proof of being paid myself first,i’m also a novice on owning & running online acct for transactions & syncronizing it with my conventional bank acct for withdrawals like ‘paypal’ etc.Do please help me.

  3. Mr. Chimezie, to be honest with you I have bought so many books including yours and attended so many seminars, but info marketing look so appealling, but I don’t know what to start with and which niche I should go into. Can you please put me through. While waiting for your reply I say welldone for your informative ane encouraging job. Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      Sure I can. But you do have to note that the journey to becoming a successful information marketer is one filled with hitches and hiccups, only your determination to succeed will set you well above the fray! I particularly commend your courage in trying so many times. Trust me! its one of the attributes of any successful online marketer and I was not left out. Just like you, I bought so many eBooks and even paid up the tune of 35,000 Naira to attend seminars, yet I wasn’t getting it right and I wasn’t making any money, but I persisted and today I can look back and say “Once upon a time” So my advise – Never give up on your efforts, someday they’ll pay off. Keep striving and I hope to see you at the top.


  4. I am glad to have got through to you while reading the Punch Newspaper online a few days ago and you quickly responded to my registrating for your info.
    I quite appreciate what I read in your post and I have been greatly challenged. I have tried my hands on some HYIP programmes since 2004 and have had my fingers burnt. You’ve addressed the major problem I have which is quitting due to my state of computer literacy. I have taken your advice and I am having a new mind set. I want to plunge into the Facebook Autopilot and I’m waiting for your next mail to launch me into the biz. Thanks so much and God bless you richly.

    1. Hi Samuel,
      I’m glad you found the post useful.
      Best regards.

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